Big Mac got More Expensive in Prague than in US

big mac more expensive in prague than in us Not an agreeable surprise for fast food lovers, however quite an objective economic indicator.

It results from the comparison made by Mf Dnes in the way set up by The Economist. The idea is to collect prices of Big Macs in different countries and use them as a base for estimation of exchange rates.

Ten years ago, Big Mac cost 51 CZK, which at that time when one dollar cost 27,60 CZK was about 1,85 $. In the US the 200g burger cost 2,36.

At the end of 2007, price of that mastodontic burger is 63 CZK. In the US it is, according to latest figures, 3,41 $, and as one dollar costs 18,30 CZK now, that makes 62,40 CZK apiece, less than in the Czech Republic.

We have caught up with the US in the price, but salaries are a different thing. A new employee of the CR branch of Mac Donald’s earns 0,85 of Big Mac an hour, in the US it is for the same job 2,59 of the burger.

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