Prague in Danger of Violence Again

Neo-nazis just won’t give up. When their demonstration, where they wanted to commemorate Crystal night pogrom, got great opposition of anarchists and ‘active citizens’ (probably contrasted to us, passive citizens) they decided to make another gathering on 17th November. When their fascistic, xenophobic and simply hateful and what’s more, officially forbidden assembly on 10th November got ridden down by the police, they decided to make a new one on Paladskeho square, this time they want to ‘condole death of free speech’. This is not a joke.

It wasn’t funny this Saturday, people got injured and the whole world watching Eurovision could see evil truly is a natural product of men, as Goldwing always pointed out. 1400 policemen in the streets cost us 500 000€, otherwise Prague would simply change into a battlefield. But according to the neo-nazi heads, the police have intervened (sic.) early and unnecessarily, they abused their competence and limited their personal freedom. And they hired a lawyer and want to sue! Just because the police didn’t let them celebrate Jew holocaust in Jew town. Well…

The problem with their demonstration on Paladskeho square on 17th November is, Paladskeho square is a Hyde Park of Prague so it is not necessary to have a permission to assemble.

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