Prague riverside in center gets a bikeline

the bikelines should go around the DAncing House of Prague The capital starts to work on re-paving of Vltava riverside in center, so cyclists could use it. The present historic paving with pebbles is for mountain bicycles only. Construction works and material cost more than 13 millions CZK, (464 000€). The problem is, the long and expensive reconstruction of Vltava riverside, that cost 40 millions € and ended in 2006, didn’t take a bikeline into account. So now in 2007 some pebbles have to be plucked up and replaced with the smooth line.

The unsatisfactory state was produced mostly by bad communication among The National Heritage institute and the Cyclist Traffic commission : “To build the bikeline there is a good idea, but 13 millions is quite a lot, especially at the time money is the main argument, why not to build new bikelines.” It is the same situation as this spring, when at reconstruction of Stefanik bridge the City Hall forgot about cyclists, even when they pledged the opposite.

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