Threaten Czechs with terror, Call themselves RAF Branch

RAF Logo This article later appeared to be a hoax
RAF, Red Army Fraction became the cover name for a group of individuals, protesting against the American Radar in the Czech Republic. Even when the German para-military group officially ceased to exist in 1993, their name can still evoke fear. And really – they promise explosions, murders and violence.

About the seriousness of their intentions spoke Pavel J. Hejatko, known as an anti-American activist, for them; “Take us seriously. Don’t wait until casualties appear – at that time it will be too late” The attacks are supposed to come at the moment the first American solider enters Czech land. What’s their megalomaniac long-term plan? “… to mercilessly annihilate everything American, especially population, culture, all the military equipment … socialization of funds and usage of all means necessary in favor of Slavonic folk.”

RAF activities in the Czech Republic are being inspected by BIS (Czech security information service) at the moment.

The Red Army Faction or RAF was one of postwar West Germany’s most active and prominent militant left-wing groups. It described itself as a communist “urban guerrilla” group engaged in armed resistance, while it was described by the West German government as a terrorist group. The RAF was formally founded in 1970. The Red Army Faction operated from the 1970s to 1993, committing numerous crimes, especially in the autumn of 1977, which led to a national crisis that became known as “German Autumn”.

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