Threaten Czechs with terror, Call themselves RAF Branch: H.O.A.X

The king is naked, Bruno Gibert. To see what is in front of one's nose needs a constant struggle We informed you earlier about the return of Red Army Fraction. According to the latest news from Lidove Noviny web, it was a hoax.

The ‘speaker of Czech RAF’ Pavel J. Hejtak sent e-mails to various institutions, informing about preparations for an attack against American forces in the CR.

Later he sent explaining e-mails, where he announces the ‘RAF action’ was a mystification, a part of the marketing campaign for his book.

His apologies did not get sympathies of a court expert for extremism Miroslav Mares: “The way of the book advertisement is a problematic one, it can be a case of a statutory offense.

The police takes interest in RAF Czech branch mystification from the beginning, now the speaker of criminal police Pavla Kopecka informed Lidove Noviny the anti-extremists police will investigate, if this can be classified as a crime.

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