Events prepared for this Saturday 17th November 2007

800 policemen have to take care of the new neo-nazi demonstration in Prague. A group called Autonomy nationalists have announced they are going to do a pivotal gathering and ‘condole death of free speech’. They have chosen the date of 17th November – The Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day, that made possible for former Czechoslovakia to get rid of the totalitarian communist regime in 1989.

There is going to be a ‘supervisor’ at their demonstration – an officer of the City Hall, prepared to disband the meeting, and so allow the ‘robocops’ to do their job. The special police forces did good job the last time, when they achieved to hold part of the neo-nazi outside Prague, and in Prague outside the center.

On 17th November, there will be other street events as well. On Wenceslas square, ‘No Radars’ initiative has a meeting by the horse against the US radar in the Czech Republic. At Mustek, there is a ‘Commemoration of Consequences of the Velvet Inconsequences’ and on Narodni trida, a ‘Commemorative Gathering to Democracy Preservation’.

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