Jindrich Streit Black and White photography exhibition Prague

Avanesian by Jindrich Streit On 31st of October started an extensive exhibition of Jindrich Streit´s photographs at Stone Bell House, which is a part of City Gallery Prague. This photographic exhibition is a huge retrospective of Streit´s work, which shows pictures taken between years 1965 – 2005.

Jindrich Streit is worldly known documentary photographer, most famous for his pictures of Czech villages in the 1980´s. He captured the villages in the time of real socialism, without any romantic or idealizing pathos so characteristic for depicting Czech villages in previous times. But in the communist period, he was persecuted for his work; even his negatives were once confiscated during a house search.

The exhibition is opened until 3rd of February 2008. Entrance fee is 120 Czk full price, 60 Czk reduced. Read on

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