The first Primary School for Gifted in the Czech Republic

gifted class Education in the school for gifted is based on individual approach to students. The school for kids with extraordinary intelligence and talent accepts students according to psychological tests. It has 15 pupils at the moment, eight in the first class and seven in the mixed class. The ministry of Education have allowed the total number of students to be 80.

The founder Stanislav Svoboda struggled for three years to open the school as the Ministry didn’t want to enable it. The project was officially permitted in September, and it opens now, in a new building. It can provide education for the first five classes of primary school only, though. The schoolfee is 2900 CZK/month (100€)

The pupils attending the school for gifted understand, according to their teacher Mastalirova, most of the things automatically, without necessity of explaining. For example, the second class, after seeing two examples of multiplying logically knew, how to continue. That ables them to use their time for projects – right now they are preparing presentations of ancient Greece and Rome.

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