Descendant of Komensky in Prague

jan f kallik jan a. komensky American businessman Jan Ferdinand Kallik visited Prague. He was forced to emigrate in 1947 with his father, when communists had gained political power. His story is not different from many others, if he wasn’t 9th generation of the lineage that is forced to emigrate from Bohemia again and again. 9 generations before it was Jan Amos Komensky, who had to escape from religious intolerance.

Jan Kallik came to Prague to a conference about Komensky, arranged by the ministry of education. Being an economist he says it is a pity Czechs are not able to sell Komensky better. “It is all about advertisement. You should spend more energy on him,
his revolutionary approaches to scholarship set basis of modern education worldwide.”

Three of Kalliks’ children are teachers. His daughter Allison was voted one of ten best teachers of California.

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