Millions of CZK for preparation of possible Olympic Games in Prague

OG peking 2008 project3 Prague Olympic community gets other 30 millions CZK (1,1 mil. €) for preparation of possible summer Olympic Games in 2016. Committee on the City of Prague have agreed on it yesterday. “If we want the Olympics, the money are definitely worth it.” said the councilman Jiri Langmajer. The Town Council have already invested 15 millions CZK into the preparations.

OG peking 2008 project2 According to its budget, Prague Olympic community should spend 12 millions for project studies, 20 millions for OG promotion, over 3 millions on salaries, 4 millions for law services, 3 millions is the applicant fee, other 3 millions goes on accounting. The Games, if they will be in the Czech Republic, will cost 132,5 billions CZK (4,42 billions €)

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