Czech political scene is corrupted by Mafia, BIS informs

The biggest Czech security thread is mafia getting into the state administration. This results from the annual statement of BIS (Security Information Service, which is a Czech national intelligence agency). The major target are European funds, which represents 800 millions CZK (27,6 mil. €)

Organized crime bribe state officers, who decide about evaluation of projects, which are sponsored from the EU funds.

BIS informed on their webpage also about SETUZA, which was managed by a shot ‘businessman’ Frantisek Mrazek and a runaway vendor Tomas Pitr. This group have used their contacts in government for infiltration of various sections of the state administration.

BIS also published information about international spies in our country. The most influential is traditionally the Russian mafia, who acts under diplomatic or news agency cover, which is common, as well as tradesman of companies, which wasn’t so usual. New criminals are agents from Northern Korea, Iran and Syria, who are interested in machines and technologies, that can be used for development of weapons of mass destruction.

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