Prague Airport Testing Unique Liquid Detector

Signs indicating no liquids allowed

The anti-terrorist gadgets are enterprises of our times. The new device, working on the basis of micro-wave radiation, was developed in the Research Center in Juelich, Germany, by the team of German scientist Norbert Klein.

The device called Emili 1 is able to detect liquids using micro-waves, and if it proves functional, it wouldn’t be necessary to hand over all the liquids when entering the board, as we got used to. Acids and combustibles should be detectable, and so it wouldn’t be possible to go on with those.

The ban on taking drinks, liquids, creams and children’s food bigger that 100ml packagings to planes was established after the terrorist attacks in London in July 2005.

Right now, if you are going through the Prague Airport, your drinks get scanned, however the ban still holds true.

German scientist Norbert Klein announced they are also working on a hand scanner and a special pad that would enable to detect explosives and ceramic weapons in shoes.

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