Czechs like Marijuana

leaf The annual report 2007, published by the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction yesterday, has revealed Czechs younger 24 years are among the top European consumers of cannabis with 28% of smokers. Ganja is at the same time the most widespread drug of Prague and the Old Continent alike.

The annual report also finds out cocaine is staying out of the Czech Republic, its abuse is rare. It is partly because of the Czech speed Pervitin (metal amphetamine) took its place of ‘the fast drug’, and because its greatest abuser is traditionally the USA, which leaves all other continents behind.

The Czech National Focal Point for Drugs and Drug Addiction have confirmed those data. Marijuana indeed is the most favored drug of the Czech Republic, followed by Ecstasy. Both can be, according to the Police CR, easily purchased.

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