Last USSR trains in Prague Metro soon replaced

made in the ussr “The last Metro trains from the former USSR are going to disappear in two years” said the councilman Radovan Steindrer. There are no USSR trains on the line C and A, there are still some on the line B, which are going to retire. The MHD (Prague Public Transport) heads consider moving the trains from the line C to B, and putting very new walk-through metro trains there.

As Staindler stated, “ Prague Metro is going to part with the last train of Russian fabrication and I thing the parting won’t be a very nostalgic one.” The new trains will be made by Siemens which automatically offered the city the walk-through version.

The trend of walk-through metro is usual in most of the first-world countries, more than a half of new trains in the world undergrounds are build in such a way. This version offers more space for travelers, but offers also more danger in the case of fire.

prague metro old prague metro - new Left: the old train from the USSR
Right: the new train made by the conglomerate CKD Praha, Adtranz and Siemens

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  1. Carl Holm said, Nov 30, 07:16 PM #

    I think it’s a shame to lose the old Prague metro trains. They are quick, not too loud, and they really are not that uncomfortable. I believe they are an important part of the city’s character and charm, and an important reminder of the city’s history. I’ve lived in many cities where the symbols of the past were only missed after they were gone, and where the new was no real improvement on the old. I would hope that Prague would not make the same mistake. It’s a bit like taking a corner cafe or bar that has become a tradition in an area and replacing it wirth a Starbucks or McDonalds.