Law Proposal Against Dishonest Taxi Drivers in Prague

taxi illustration photo Prague taxi drivers do not enjoy a good reputation. Their name is being spoiled by those who overcharge the fares.. There is usually no evidence and no claimant. What’s more, there is often no lever that would make them pay a fine, even when convicted.

The time for administrative procedure to be carried out is one year. According to the City Hall, it is not possible to render a decision in such a term; if somebody avoids notification deliverance and than appeals a lot, one year is not enough to solve the case.

As a result, Prague City hall wants to extend the time for execution of fines. Especially Prague taxi drivers, when the verdict announces them they are charged with fines, massively use the practice of appealing to the law for so long the charges expire.

Prices charged by some taxi drivers in Prague are notorious, Prague guides always give some advices, how to avoid being fooled.

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