Armstrong's Moon Boot in Prague

The boot Under strict safety measures, the most valuable exhibits of the new exhibition called Stopy Lidi (Footprints of Men) have been installed in the National Museum.

For example it was the previously mentioned boot of Neil Armstrong, who left the footprints of men on the moon, his reserve helmet, or the american flag of the expedition.

“The authors were inspired by a human foot as a tool or a subject. But also metaphorically, from the prehistoric ages (a reconstruction of Ozgi’s, the iceberg mummy, footwear) until today, from the depths of ocean to footsteps on the surface of the moon.”

Visitors of this exhibition will find themselves in a war turmoil, can try their abilities on a running track, can leave their foot stepson a walk of fame, or try various kinds of walking surfaces.

The exhibition starts in the historic building of the National Museum today, and it lasts until 30th June 2008.

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