Big and Small – Tomas Julinek and Tomas Cikrt – Czech Health Reformers

Minister and Speaker as comics characters Zdroj MF Dnes The handbook ‘How to Use the Health Reform’ was published. The whole book is presented by two comics figures, representing Czech Minister of Health Tomas Julinek and his speaker Tomas Cikrt.

They may looked odd, when they first appeared together, Julinek being almost two meters tall and Cikrt only 110 cm. But they both proved they form a team, which is not only able to get reformations through, but also able to make fun of themselves, which are two things that are anything but common in Czech politics. When their reform was passed, they announced they have much more plans for the Ministry.

Tomas Julinek
(b.1956) is a politician and Minister of Health for the Czech Republic. He is a member of the Civic Democratic Party (ODS).
Julinek was appointed Minister of Health in September 2006 to replace David Rath whose radical reforms of the Czech health system were strongly opposed by the country’s private doctors.

Tomas Cikrt
(b.1969) Founded citizen union Palecek which is a union of little people, and a long term editor-in-chief of Zdravotnicke noviny (Medical news).
Became a speaker of Minister of Health for the Czech Republic in 2007.

tomas julinek cikrt Left: Tomas Julinek is almost 2 meters tall Czech Minister of Health
Right: Tomas Cikrt is about 110 cm tall speaker, awarded ‘The best public speaking performance of 2007’

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