Czech MPs lost Free Rides

no, to run such a bus is not for free Czech private transport companies do not have to let Czech Members of Parliament ride for free on their lines, a court has ruled Wednesday.

According to the judge, MPs travelling for free is not a public interest. “The law concerns for public transport only” MPs get special benefits worth thousands of CZK for transport and they also get a car.

The lawsuit started from Student Agency company owner Radim Jancura who refused to give MPs on board of his buses free rides. After all those benefits and fancy cars given to them by us, tax payers, he simply didn’t like the idea any private transport company should give more extra money, to sponsor the MP just becase they are so charming. The court said it is not possible to force by law any private businessmen to sponsor a MP.

This is just one little step, that gives a glitter of hope. Maybe there will be more cuts on the benefits the politicians have. But just maybe. Every time there is a proposal of lowering their bonuses, most of the Mps vote against.

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