This is Sparta vs Spartak

sparta prague Spartak Moscow Yesterday UEFA cup battle was a draw, but not without action.

There were not many people watching the duel at Prague Letna, but those who came saw a dramatic show, unfortunately more in the auditorium than on the grass.

Moscow Spartak fans had to be calmed down by a special police pack. Six people were injured, the police took ten foreigners with them.

According to TV Prima, 2-3 thousands of Russians arrived to Prague. Part of them got drunk in an airplane so much the airplane didn’t touch down at Prague Ruzyne, but it had to land in Pardubice. The fans arrived to metropolis with police assistance.

Riots were from the beginning of the game, when one of the Spartak fans threw a flare at the ground and passed by Sparta player just close.

After half an hour, other Spartak fan jumped into the gamefield with a flare and run the whole ground to the Sparta’s goal, after which was pacified by the organizers.

The biggest riots started before the halftime. The stadium resonated with petards. Organizers tried to calm it down, but the situation ended by fighting, which had to be pacified by the anti-riot police.

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