Styrsky painting auctioned off for 10 millions CZK

krajina v oblacich Yesterday auction of art pieces at Zofin introduced the fourth most expensive painting sold in the Czech Republic by this way.

The new owner is going to pay 10,25 millions CZK (336 100 €) for the artpiece Krajina v Oblacich (Scenery in Clouds) by Jindrich Styrsky (CR). The put-up was 7 mil. CZK. Paintings by Styrsky are those with highest prices. His painting Cirkus Simonette was sold for 8,6 mil CZK last year.

TOP TEN of Czech Art Auctions

1. Frantisek Kupka – Élévation (Heights) IV auctioned off for 22,1 mil. CZK , 2007
2. Frantisek Kupka – Abstraktní kompozice (Abstract Composition) auctioned off for 13,4 mil. CZK, 2007
3. Josef Capek – Děvče v růžových šatech (Girl in Pink Dress) auctioned off for 12 mil.CZK, 2007
4. Jindich Styrský – Krajina v oblacích (Scenery in Clouds), auctioned off for 10,25 mil.CZK, 2007
5. Josef Capek – Koupel nohou (Leg Bath) auctioned off for 9,3 mil. CZK 2006
6. Antonin Procházka – Poprsi muze (Male Breasts) auctioned off for 9 mil. CZK, 2007
7. Jindrich Štyrský – Cirkus Simonette auctioned off for 8,6 mil.CZK , 2006
8. Ivan Siskin – Před zrcadlem (In Front of a Mirror) auctioned off for 7,5 mil.CZK , 2006
9. Emil Filla – Zlaté rybičky u okna (Golden Fish by a Window) auctioned off for 7,3 mil.CZK , 2000
10. Antonin Prochazka – Kopretiny auctioned off for 7,1 mil.CZK , 2006

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