Czech Theft of the Century: 564 Millions CZK (20,14 mil.€)

Frantisek Prochazka - if you see him, you can get 2 mil € - photo by police CR The crime is the first of such cunning here. There were similar thefts before, like the one five years ago, when an organized group with guns in masks assaulted a hard-faced car in Prague Europe boulevard, stealing 5 millions €. This time the thieves didn’t even have to be armed, they just abused (probably) their knowledge of the security agency and a disguised car.

Security agency G4S Cash Services was insured for such a case, but they offer two millions € for an information leading to the arrest. The main suspect is an employee of G4S, who started to work in the company four months ago, and was supposed to guard the money at the time of the theft. He hasn’t been seen since.

Altogether, 564 millions is a huge amount of money and he wouldn’t be able to load it by himself, as the weight of banknotes is a few quintals. They used a van – white Volkswagen transporter of the same year of production as the rest of G4S vans, they even stole company logo stickers, so the van looked like an original company car.

Karel Steigerwald points out in MF Dnes such amounts were always stolen in the CR by ‘masters’; rich men, ruling class men. This is the first time half a billion was finally stolen by ordinary people from the low social class. He also points out there is nothing ever going happen to them – they stole too much to be affected by the law.

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