Vegetarian Food in Prague

smazeny syr A food which is vegetarian, does not necessary have to be dietary. This is the case of the traditional vegetarian food in the Czech Republic. There are at least two meatless dishes about which Czechs have been mad about for centuries. The first is smazeny syr and the second is ovocne knedliky. And yes, you should definitely try it.

Smazeny syr, fried cheese, is really popular among Czechs. Actually, it is so popular that many Czechs claim now the Czech Republic needs a trademark on it. Typical pubs as well as good restaurants have smazeny syr on their menus. It is served mostly with potatoes or fries.

Ovocne knedliky, in English fruit dumplings, are not the same dumplings as those you know from the dish: pork, dumplings and sauerkraut. Oh no! Those fruit dumplings are sweet!

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