News from Wenceslas Square

good-bye, sausage stance Prague Wenceslas square is going to change back to the pre-communist state of things. The process is already underway, and so the square loses one of its dominants – stances with sausages, or bratwursts, and beer. The deputy of the Prague Mayor Rudolf Blazek stated: “There is a huge problem with hygiene and whats’ more, the place attracts homeless people and various delinquents”.

Sure, if you got problems with your gallbladder or digestive system, just to see their menu could make you sick, but during the totalitarian regime there were no MacDonalds or other fast-foods available, normal restaurants were closed or too bad and posh restaurants were (and are still) the most expensive there, so the stances were the only option for tourists.

Rudolf Blazek also commented those stances were significant 25 years ago, but not today. But still – am I the only one who feels like to get rid of everything resembling communism, like the USSR metro trains or these stances means to get rid of a part of our history? Sure, nobody would like to get back to the times of injustice, but still…

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