Czech 'thief of the century' still lost. How much he got exactly?

Prochazka, the person who stole the biggest amount of cash in CZK banknotes, is still on the run. There are hundreds of police officers looking for him. On the frontiers are his photographs. There are even normal folks looking for him, as there is almost 2 million € reward.

He proved to be really cold-blooded, as he got on work, stole the money, got back to work and finished his schift. Thanks to it the theft was not discovered until the next day.

How to launder so much money?

  • An amateur spends small amounts, deposits them into various accounts at various banks, invests into gemstones or arts and changes small amounts to a foreign currency.
  • Mafia founds a company in a tax paradise like Costa Rica, buys and sells realities.

Piles of banknotes he stole:
prochazka 1000 banknotes worth 5000 CZK
– a 10cm pile – 5 millions CZK
91 000 banknotes worth 2000 CZK
– a 0,9 m pile – 5 millions CZK
342 000 banknotes worth 1000 CZK
– a 10m pile – 5 millions CZK
100 000 banknotes worth 500 and 200 CZK
– a 34 m pile – 35 millions CZK

In total it is 564 millions CZK (20 millions €), the total weight of the banknotes is 450 Kg. It has been five days, since he did his theft, and there is not a track of him anywhere in Prague or elsewhere.

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