Famous Czech self-murderer shocked America

viselec - hanging sigmund freud at home in prague - david cerny In Michigan city of Grand Rapids, they got real turmoil, when they thought (and massively called the police and fire brigade), that there is a person hanging from a roof of a building.

When a crowd gathered, and police and fire brigade arrived to talk the ‘unhappy person, which hanged there by the hand’ off the sin (no one thought it strange he was so strong to hang there for hours), they found out it is just a statue.

The famous Czech Artist Jan Cerny, who installs lots of his sculptures in the streets of Prague, is the author. The statue is called Viselec, or The Hanging Man and it is ‘on holiday’ on the roof of Open Concept Gallery in Grand Rapids. It represents life size psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, hanging by one hand.

It is going to scare the Americans until spring 2008. After, it is going to come back home, to Prague, above Jilska street in Prague Old Town.

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  1. Pootoon said, Dec 6, 11:33 AM #

    Ha ha ha lol! That’s typical! Americans never let you down when you expect them to act like kids! Few years in Eastern Europe would teach them.