Greenpeace staying on Czech smokestack, anti-coal demonstration

greenpeace chimney Prunerov – 11 Greenpeace activists from the Czech republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Hungary and Great Britain seized a smokestack of the biggest brown coal electric power plant in the Czech Republic Prunerov.

Prunerov is a giant facility producing 8,9 million tons of carbon dioxide a year. This action takes place during the international conference of Kyoto Protocol of climate changes.

“It is necessary to make an agreement about continuing to protect the living environment, after the Kyoto Protocol expiration in 1012” Sain Jan Rovensky, the leader of energetic and and climatic campaign Greenpeace CR. “However the climate change starts here. This chimney releases 17 ton of carbon dioxide every minute, which would fill three hot-air balloons a minute.” He added.

You can watch videos and skype, icq and write them at the Greenpeace page. You can also read there Greenpeace do not agree with lengthening of life span of old coil power plants from deep communist era, which didn’t care for the environment. According to them, Prunerov works with 32% effectivity, however the modern standard is 47%.

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