Prague Had Walls 1000 years ago already!

old prague city walls The new finding of archaeologists of this weekend supports the Abraham ben Jacob deposition; Prague was in 10th century the “City from stone and slake”

Left: The probable proportions of Prague walls in:
1 – 12th cent
2 – 13 – 14th cent
3 – 15 – 16th cent
4 – 19th cent

In the early Medieval age, in Prague would live a few thousands of people, who would manufacture among others saddles, reins or shields. In the settlement, there would prosper also workshops offering high-quality ceramics and fabrics.

Prague of 10th century was a city of active business. For the safety reasons city walls were essential. The findings of 10th century walls were made close to the Lesser Town Bridge Tower.

The new finding definitely supports the place of origin of Prague, which was at the Vltava River, at the place where is now Charles bridge.

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