Russian TV: American radar was already built in Czech Republic

a radar, an illustration photo If you have heard the news, in which the Russian state television broadcasts, you have heard the American Radar in the Czech Republic close to Prague had already been built. This news is definitely a hoax.

The information came from the French news-agency AFP, which has announced the anti-missile NATO radar location was moved to Slavkov, and that it is already standing. However the radar which was finished there only monitors flight traffic in Moravia, and it has nothing to do with the American Radar. The Russian television have obviously confused two different radars.

Russia is long-term protesting against the NATO radar. According to their leaders, it liquidates the strategic balance in Europe.



  1. Boby McFuck said, Dec 10, 02:30 PM #

    Aha, so that’s it! The NATO radar liquidates the strategic balance in Europe! I just thought, for a short moment, Russia under Putin’s lead came back to the times of czars and it wants invade Europe once again, so they fear America wants to protect us, like it did two times before, against Russia!
    How stupid I was! The only thing Russia wants is to help us preserve the strategic balance in Europe! Oh, what a relief… :(

  2. Dave said, Dec 12, 04:12 PM #

    Oh no i dont like the looks of this…. if something happens between the USA and Russia then we’re the first to go, and europe will once again split, France, Britian, Sweden will be on the USA side and the small countries under Russian control, welcome to another cold war…

    maybee im think too hard about this =P