Whom does public want for CR president?

62% of people would vote for the present president Vaclav Klaus. The information comes from the research by Median, ordered by MF Dnes. Jan Svejnar would get only 15% votes. Even when the presidential elections are the matter of the parliament in the Czech Republic, the public is clear about their candidate.

As the biggest handicap of Klaus’ possible opponent Svejnar appeared he is not so known here. When Median asked, what is the biggest problem of both opponents, 47% said “Who is Svejnar anyway?”(Svejnar had to emigrate when he was 17) About Klaus; 64% people complained about his arrogance, but they would vote for him anyway.

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  1. Tanja said, Dec 12, 07:57 AM #

    Mr. Klaus’ personality is really interesting. My Czech friends say he indeed is arrogant. The Americans seem to like him ( at least when I hear the American media talking about him). I personally like him very much since he is not afraid to say what is on his mind – you may call it arrogance but I call it courage.
    PS: My mother really likes him – mostly because of his colorful ties he wears