Animals from Prague ZOO should help Wild Animals

Photo from The following article is based on an article by Petr Fejk in MF Dnes.

The year 2007 brought records of Prague Zoo. The first one – there has never been so many visitors in Prague Zoo as this year. Until today it is 1 240 000. It is the third year in a row, when we have the visit rate higher than a million, that meas we are among the world elite Zoos – in Europe there is only 15 of such a brand.

The second historic record is the number of nursed cubs. About 1 200. Including extra-rare Komodo dragon lizards, the famous Tatu gorilla, tigers, giraffes and other species, for which the other Zoos wait in line. Just to contrast: ten years ago it was 300 cubs.

Both those records are a great success. Especially just a few years after the floods. But this success doesn’t just bring more money – the Zoo wants to become a middle man, passing its success on. We want to let the cubs come back to the wild, where they come from, and where they disappear on a large scale. The animals in Zoo should help the animals in the wild. That makes sense.