Czech Olympic Games Candidacy was still not given Government Guarantee

referendum olympics prague Candidacy of Prague for organizing the Olympic Games in 2016 will probably be again discussed by the representatives of the capital city.

The Prime minister Mirek Topolanek (ODS) said during the question time in the House of parliament the government is not guarantying anything to the city in the matter of Olympic Games. This comes as a logic consequence of Pavel Bem and Milan Jirasek still haven’t delivered any official document for the Olympic candidacy to the Czech Government.

The speaker of the Czech Olympic Committee Karel Tejkal stated “We do not want a financial guarantee from the government. We just want a guarantee the Olympic Charter is going to be adhered and that the Czech Republic is a democratic country”

The Prime minister was given at least a new economical study by the director of the Prague Olympic community Tomas Petera.

The opposition sees the Community hadn’t negotiated government guarantee as the big mistake. “It was a mistake, and if the whole thing goes flummox, it will be necessary to end it as soon as possible.”