Devil's Bible: Codex Gigas in Klementinum may stay longer

codexgigas Originally, Codex Gigas should have stayed in the super-modern strong room of Prague Klementinum, where it is put until the end of 2007, and one of the most unique books of the world was supposed to come back to Sweden.

Now it looks like, those interested in the book will get two more months. “We negotiate pro-longing of the exhibition. The Swedish site have already agreed, but we need more guarantee. The request is now at the Ministry of finance.” Said the speaker of the National Library.

Even when there is only 10 minutes one can dedicate to checking it through, there is really high visit rate. This weekend, the Codex was seen by 35 000 People, in Prague. The tickets must be reserved (online), though.

If the ministry will agree, it will stay in Klementinum until half of March.