Czech Government cancels the Steyr Transporter contract worth 750 mil. €

steyr transporter The government chancels the deal of the century, it won’t purchase 234 armored transporter vehicles from the Austrian-based Steyr Daimler Puch. The contract was worth 21 billions CZK (750 millions €).

Czech Army didn’t gain the first shipment of 17 armored transporters on the set up date 1st December, and the Czech Government decided, the record contract will be canceled.

Anyway the contract was sighed by an ex-minister Karel Kühnl, just a few days after his political party US-DEU completely lost the elections.

The minister of defense, Vlasta Parkanova, commented: “I don’t want to evaluate if the contract was or wasn’t good at that time. But what I have to evaluate, is whether the contract is being kept. And it isn’t, in quite a serious manner.”

Austrian-based Steyr Daimler Puch didn’t want to comment the decision yet.

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