“Daylight” in Prague Streets

Christmas markets in Prague nowadays won’t do without special advertising events. Probably the biggest project that takes place, introduces ‘daylight’ into the streets.

Pinelli company prepares a tour during the advent for support of their energy-drink Semtex. During the tour, they are going to illuminate streets of various cities including Prague by huge helium balloons, shaped like Semtex cans.

Those balloons are five meters long and four meters in diameter. They light up at 5 pm and shine until 9 pm. But just this wouldn’t be fun, so you can of course look forward to entertaining programme! Some free Semtex, hostesses, barmen show and a fashion show, in “Night and Day” theme.

Friday 21st December 2007, Prague, Namesti Republiky, in front of Palladium.


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