Prague Olympics Cheaper?

According to the newest economic study of a renowned company PricewaterhouseCoopers, the estimated costs of Prague Olympic Games should be ‘only’ 88 billions CZK (3,14 bil. €).

A similar analysis from 2004 expected the cost to be 136 billions, which means the direct costs lowered of 36%. The new study was given to media by the Praha Olympijska (Prague Olympic community) manager Tomas Petera

Lowering the estimation of 48 billions CZK is partly accomplished by changes in the plans of investing. The new conception interchanges building for reconstructions of already standing structures.

Prague applied for the Olympics in 2016, but the supporters see the year 2020 as more real. The Czech government approaches the matter in a reserved way. But Pavel Bem is still sure, all the necessary guarantees will be ready next week.



  1. Dave said, Dec 14, 11:10 AM #

    I hope prague does host the olympics one day…