ZOO Prague: Gorillas Trained Evacuation

prague zoo gorillas - dont panic The Famous Gorillas in Prague Zoo trained evacuation yesterday. It is floods the heads of Zoo Prague, led by Petr Fejk, are afraid of.

Five years ago, 500-year water came and flushed the Gorillas’ pavilion away. As a consequence, the Zoo built a new Gorilla pavilion according to the most advanced practice, which brought even the most precious fruit – two baby gorillas were born there.

To protect the gorillas, Zoo Prague trains them to evacuate two times a year. When the hooters sound, they move to the anti-flood tower for 20 minutes. There are their instructors, waiting for them with sweet honours. The gorillas train like this two times a year.



  1. Anubis said, Dec 14, 10:58 AM #

    They seem panicking from here ;)