Czech Republic enters the Schengen space

From Thursday to Friday there is a huge change at the Czech borders going on – first, the crossing barriers are going to disappear. Second – the Police is almost going to leave the place. Third – the ‘line’ will became crossable almost anywhere.

Czech Republic enters the Schengen space on 21st December 2007. The Schengen space will grow of 9 other countries, like Poland, The Slovak Republic or Latvia.

The borders will be possible to cross by foot or by any other mean of transport. The only restrictions are in National Parks and protected nature areas.

Every state that is in Schengen space has the possibility to re-establish the borders checks for 30 days, with later reasoning.

When travelling to countries outside the Schengen space it is necessary to have a valid travel documents like a passport or visa.

Schengen Agreement Map When travelling with a pet, it needs to have a passport and a tattoo, or a chip.

At the airports, there will be even more checks, because the numbers of policeman there should rapidly increase. Later, checks of travellers from Schengen countries should have less quicker passes.

The Czech Republic obviously enters its new state of being, as a genuine and valid member of the united Europe.

Source: MF DNES

The map: dark blue: members, purple: new members, light blue: not yet implemented