Right-wing extremists Back to Streets again

neo-nazi want to march again and again Czech right-wing extremists obviously weren’t beaten up enough the last time, when they decided to demonstrate their anti-semitism in Prague. This time, they proclaimed they are going to march the center of Plzen (Pilsen), and this time they call it a ‘Protest march for the freedom of speech’. Just to remind- the last time, the November march was advised as the ‘Demonstration against participation of Czech military forces on the occupation of Iraq’.

The main organizer Vaclav Bures initiated the meeting as a reaction on November police disperse of their demonstration on the anniversary of The Crystal night pogrom in Prague Jewish Town.

Bures also appealed to those of ‘his’ neo-nazis who have a gun licence, to take a weapon with them, as he is afraid they will be attacked by opposite groups like always. The date provokes again, as it was chosen on 19th January, which is a date that relates to the first transport of Pilsen Jews to concentration camps, which meant almost total liquidation of their community in the city.

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