Russia Warn: Answer for Base will be Rocket

Jurij Balujevskij ‘The way the Russian Generals spoke is unacceptable’, for Prague commented the speaker of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Warsaw labeled the message as ‘the memory of the worst times’

The Russian generals sent other sharp warning against the construction of the Radar base close to Prague and a missile silo in Poland to the West. General-in-chief Jurij Balujevskij (photo) stated this Saturday that a possible start of a defensive missile from the base in Poland can Russian systems read as a launch of a ballistic missile. That would ‘provoke a launch of a Russian missile in return’.

What is even more appealing, he was the second one to threaten Czechs with a missile attack, the first one was the other Russian general Nikolai Solovtsov.

The Russians are against the Radar, according to Moscow, it is a danger for the strategic balance in Europe, and the threads because of which the Americans want to place the radar, doesn’t exist. Both, CR and Poland have rejected the threads as unacceptable.


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