Introducting Team of Svejnar

jan svejnar Czech-American presidency candidate Jan Svjenar has a team of close cooperatives, who should help him to beat Vaclav Klaus and get Svejnar to Prague Castle.

Let us introduce you his five-member team now.

Klara Pospisil is a Media advisor, who used to be the speaker of the former prime minister Vaclav Klaus, today president. She explains the obvious dispute : “I knew Vaclav Klaus in his best political times. There is a difference between Klaus in 1992 and 2007.” Her role in the team is of a media advisor, who should take care of Svejnar’s media promotion. It is not an easy task, as half of the population do not know, who is Svejnar at all.

Svejnar has also chosen Lukas Macek, politics specialist who helped to get Josef Zilinec into the European Parliament. His role in getting support can be the key one. Not long ago, he implied, it is worth to fight for the votes of the ODS (Vaclav Klaus is often labelled the ‘Founding Father’ of the Civic Democratic Party) “To deny to give votes to the founding father may be a painful decision, but Kluas repeatedly demonstrated he plays, above all, his own game.

Michael Kraus is a political advisor of Svejnar. In 1969 emigrated from the communist Czechoslovakia to the United States as Svejnar did: Michael Kraus as a politics professor, now at Middlebury College. He is a member of the board of American Friends of the Vaclav Havel Library.

Karel Matousek is Jan Svejnar’s business manager. He takes care of the organizational matters. Works as a business manager for Middle, East and South Europe of the Humanscale Inc. company.

Elen Navratilova works as a Svejnar’s personal assistent. At this position she has been working from 1993 in Svejnar’s Prague economical institute CERGE. Now she helps Svejnar in his campaign.

The expenses of the team for office rents, telephones or transport pays Svejnar himself. He doesn’t pay the team though – they all say they help him for free.

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  1. Mark Lewis said, Jan 9, 01:00 AM #

    They help him for free? Are you serious? Very generous.