The Narrowest Street in Prague is Equipped With Traffic Lights

Little Quarter is a special part of Prague it surrounds Prague Castle and it is rich in baroque and renaissance architecture. One of streets there, is the most narrow street in Prague

It is so narrow there must be traffic lights in order people wouldn’t collide – maybe two dogs could sidetrack, but they have to be very small dogs. If you are square-shouldered or well.. fat, you shouldn’t enter the street at all – you can get struck.

It is steep, full of stairs, doesn’t have a name, but have two traffic lights. It goes from U Luzickeho seminare street to the Certovka restaurant, offering spectacular view of Charles Bridge.

Most of the tourists see the street as an attraction, so they push the walk button, take a few pictures and when they go, they don’t take the light seriously, so in the end they push with somebody so close only lovers usually do that.

“One time, one really corpulent German tourist got stuck” remembers the owner of Certovka Restaurant. “She couldn’t go up or down. The personnel tried to push her back to the street , but in vain. In the end we had to soap her, so she would slide more easily. She just had to go somewhere else for her lunch.” He smiles. Source: MF Dnes