Svejnar: CR can adopt Euro in 5 years

The Presidency candidate Jan Svejnar is sure, the Czechia should adopt Euro as soon as possible. The year 2012, which is seen by the Czech prime minister Mirek Topolanek as unreal, is o.k. for Svejnar.

euro-notes The Czech economics is, according to Svejnar, ready for Euro adoption. A good experience is, according to him, Slovenia, which entered the Eurozone in January. Slovenian economy is similar to the Czech one. He shares his opinion with the Czech minister of finance.

Svejnar expects the next year to be in token of slowing GDP growth, the country he says, will battle growing inflation. The Czech National Bank can take care of monetary politics, by which it stops the Czech currency from from inflating, but it slows the economy growth. “There is something more; whether the country is willing to except lower inflation and lower growth, or higher inflation and higher growth.” He explained.

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