Communist Party and Presidential Candidates in Czech Republic

“It’s good we didn’t prohibit them” said Klaus in a talk show this Sunday. He spoke about the KSCM; Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia. The presidential elections are getting near, as they are planned to February. Votes of the Communist Party are going to be the decisive ones, the president is voted by the parliament, and the last Czech municipal and senate elections ended almost by a draw.

Jan Svejnar, who emigrated from the Czechoslovak communism years ago, labeled the communists as ‘different than before’ a week ago. He said in a radio talk show that he would like to help them with their reformation, so they would, by their ‘active political participation’ stop the trend of weak governments.

The past regime did harm both of the candidates. However, now they become advocates of the new communist party, as they proclaim it has changed a lot, and they need their votes.

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