Winter swimming in Prague Vltava river

winter swimming in freezing water The traditional winter swimming in Vltava river, at the National Theatre, joined 114 swimmers from the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Germany and Belgium. There were 29 women among them.

The fastest swimmer at the longest, 750 metres long route, which swum 37 winner swimmers, was Jan Vane with his time 8:58. The water had 3,7 Celsius that day, the air was -1 Celsius. Hundreds of Prague citizens watched them swim in water, which is deadly for inexperienced.

The most agile swimmers present were those, who have overcome the English Channel – Petr Mihola and Richard Haan, a solo singer of the State Opera Prague. Yvetta Hlavacova, who swum across the English Channel for the third time this year, swum at the 100m race.

This year, Czech Hlavacova managed to get the best women time across the English Channel – 7 hours 54 minutes, by which she is the best in women category, she was beaten by three men only.

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    To swim in the river in winter… it’s so cold, these people are really brave! I can just take Canoe Trip and enjoy beautiful views of Prague from the Vltava river, where I get a different perspective on many of the great Prague sights. Swimming in winter is too cold for me.