Famous Exhibitions in Prague

“The year 2007 was a record-breaking one. Nobody have seen such success. The exhibition ‘Lovci mamutu’ (mammoth hunters), showing originals of the Bohemia’s oldest settlement of men, was visited by more than 600 thousands visitors.” said the National Museum Director.

The exhibition that is the most visited at the moment, is called ‘Albrecht Valdstein’ and there are queues every day at the Valdstejnska Jizdarna, where it takes place. It is not only the most visited exhibition, but also the biggest one.

People in Prague showed enormous interest in the Devil’s bible. To see it in the super-modern safe-deposit in Prague Klementinum came 35 thousands already, the exhibition was even prolonged, what’s more, the speaker of the national library announced that they are negotiating further prolongation.

The last record for a place which offers everyday exhibition of animals live: Prague Zoo. It is incredible how much it blossomed under the lead of Petr Fejk ; the year 2007 brought 1,25 million people there.

Based on: MF Dnes

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