How much do you pay to a doctor in the Czech Republic?

Concerning the health reform in the Czech Republic, from January 2008 there is a new system of charges at hospitals, emergency stations and general practitioners.

The particular payments, although same in range, are carried out differently. For example in most of Prague hospitals it is done by a kind of ticket vendor machine. In other Czech cities, like in Nachod and Jicin, they developed a voucher system, with vouchers sold in the hospital, with the possibility of buying in advance.

At the general practitioners, patients pay directly to doctors, who need a special money-box for it and it can be useful to bring the exact amount with you. And the exact payments?

30 CZK – visit at the general practitioner
30 CZK – one unit at a receipt
60 CZK – one day at a hospital
90 CZK – visit at the emergency

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