Klaus' New Year's Speech: We Live Well

“People living in the Czech Republic live through the best period in their history.” This and more was declared in the new year’s speech of the present president and economist Vaclav Klaus. “Let’s say it loud, let’s say it proud – even when we have much personal and social problems, which we create around, we now live in the best period, the country has ever been in”.

Representatives of other political parties (except the ODS) have labelled his speech as careful and over-positive, as a speech of a president, who wants to be elected again.

The ex-president and freedom fighter Vaclav Havel said in a TV talk show: “The important thing is, the head of the state should be a person who opens the country to get new, fresh air. We need new blood, new impulses.” By which he gave support to the other candidate, Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the University of Michigan, Jan Svejnar.

And the problems of both candidates? Critics say the problem of Svejnar is nobody knows him here, and one of Klaus is people here know him too much already.

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