Fate of Prague Olympics Will be Decided

prague candidated maybe too eagerly The final word, whether the Czech Government agrees with Czech Candidacy for Olympic Games in 2016 in Prague, will be heard 10th January 2008. The Czech public was given many negative comments of the government so far; the Prime minister Mirek Topolanek (ODS) said during the question time in the House of parliament the government is not guarantying anything to the city in the matter of the Olympic Games.

To gain political support is one of the pivots for Olympic Games organizing. The government however hesitated, and so the Czech Olympic committee candidated without bless of the Czech Government. So far to the bad beginning.

Negative position was also adopted by mayors of smaller cities, who demanded Prague should pay the games itself. According to MAFRA public opinion research, the public demands referendum. The President Vaclav Klaus said it is clear the Olympics are going to be a loss-making business.

Many voices certainly speak against the games. The government decision comes on 10th January.