Nathan Fake, electronic laptop prodigy in Prague

Nathanfake Nathan Fake is an electronic music artist from Norfolk, UK who has released numerous singles as well as a full-length album on labels such as Border Community and Traum Schallplatten. He is credited with startling the techno dance community with his first release Outhouse.

Laptop musician Nathan Fake introduces his vision of electronic music, somewhere between dance and headphones hedonism, to Prague club Palac Akropolis. His electronic compositions are inspired by music of Boards Of Canada or Mogwai and are full of emotions and moods. His album Drowning in a Sea of Love gained second place in the questionnaire of Mixmag in 2006.

During the evening EuroConnections on the stage shows also a Moravian laptop miracle Sonority.

30th January 2008, Palac Akropolis, Kubelikova 27, Prague 3

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