Year 2007 was extremely hot in the Czech Repubic

hot weather in Prague 2007 According to meteorologists, the year 2007 was extremely hot. The winter was not only the warmest one in the history of machine temp. measuring in the Czech Republic, but also warmest in the history of the Middle Europe.

The deputy of the Czech Hydro-meteorological Institute Radim Tolasz wrote for the CTK: “The average temperatures are 9,1 Celsius, which is 1,6 Celsius above the long-term average.”

More than five times more of hot tropical days prepared the year 2007 for Czech folk. Also, there were two times more days with storms. Long-term average of rainfall of 674 l/m2 was grossed up of 77 l/m2

The first tropical day with temperatures higher than 30 Celsius was in 14th May already. During the whole year, 32 days with storms were in the Czech Republic, normal year has 17 storm days here.